Consultancy firm Arcadis announced its selection by Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to administer the state wide MS4 Permit compliance program and support safe water quality standards.

As part of the 17.5 million US Dollar contract, Arcadis will conduct an extensive state-wide storm water system inventory of MS4 outfalls, drainage structures, retention and water quality facilities.

dws-arcadis-georgia-run-off-street-350pxStorm water management
Across the state of Georgia, storm water runoff is transported through infrastructure known as Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems (MS4s). They are designed to collect excess precipitation, then discharge it into local bodies of water.

Permits, as well as the development of a comprehensive storm water management program are required to help prevent harmful pollutants from being washed into the sewer system.

GDOT’s current storm water management program covers 5,800 miles of roadway and 218 facilities across seven state districts.

Prioritize drainage issues
Arcadis will function as an extension of GDOT staff to prioritize and address issues most likely to adversely affect water quality standards:
● Conduct drainage system maintenance based on GDOT’s asset management criteria and risk-based approach using a GIS model,
● Oversee assessments of post-construction compliance for projects in design,
● Assist GDOT with a solution to drainage problems inside MS4 areas, including inspection of facilities and development of remediation plans,
● Implement a comprehensive training program.

dwx-arcadis-georgia-atlanta-park-350pxAn award winning storm water detention pond in Atlanta, constructed as part of a park.

Long-standing relationship 
‘Arcadis is excited to grow and strengthen its existing relationship with GDOT to improve mobility, safety and sustainability,’ said Arcadis President of Infrastructure Wassim Selman.

Dan Pass, assistant state design policy engineer at GDOT, referred to GDOT’s long-standing relationship with Arcadis that included the development of a storm water management and compliance programme.

‘Arcadis has delivered an MS4 program tailored to our transportation environment,” said Pass.

‘They not only have a comprehensive understanding of our MS4 Permit, but a clear understanding of the future needs of the program. They successfully completed the first five years with no compliance issues.’

This news item was originally published on the website of Arcadis USA.

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