dws-hydronet-south-africa-rainwatch2-770px-1South African Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) recently launched its HydroNET Water Control Room at a festive ceremony in Pretoria.

All nine of the country’s Water Management Areas now have access to the weather and water information they need to make weather‐ready and climate‐smart decisions for sustainably managing precious water resources.

The HydroNET Water Control Room has been developed and delivered by consultancy firm Hydrologic, ICT-firm eLEAF and South African Weather Service.

dws-hydronet-south-africa-pretoria-start-350px  Official start of the HydroNET Water Control Room by Han Peters (left), Dutch ambassador South Africa, and Trevor Balzer (right), Deputy Director‐General Department of water and sanitation. (Photo credits: Carike Baird).

HydroNET is a web‐based decision‐support system for operational and strategic water management. It combines weather information from the South African Weather Service (SAWS) with water information from the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS).

It also adds models and local knowledge to generate personalised overviews, forecasts and warnings.

This information is available via dashboards and reports.

Weather information
Last week, over 150 South African water managers were trained to optimally benefit from the SAWS information, which is easily accessible via HydroNET.

Information on irrigated water use, water availability, water quality and other relevant data will be connected to HydroNET in the next few months, and more training sessions will be organised.


South Africa's nine water management areas (in different colours) that do not align with provincial boundaries (grey lines).

Every raindrop counts
South Africa suffers from water stress. To efficiently manage the available water resources and reduce climate‐ and weather‐related impacts, water managers need access to historical, current and forecast water and weather information.

As Leanne Reichard, Business Director of HydroNET, comments, ‘I’m extremely proud that over 300 South African and Dutch colleagues have been able to work together to provide South African water managers with a practical solution that supports them before, during and after weather‐ and climate‐related events.’

Reichard continues: ‘I’m pleased to see, for example, that the water auditing application developed in South Africa to monitor irrigated water use is now also going to be implemented in the Netherlands to support Dutch water managers during droughts. This way, Dutch water management will also benefit substantially from our success in South Africa.’

This news item was originally published on the website of HydroNet South Africa.

Photo credits: Hydrologic (top photo), Stats SA (map)

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Video presentation of the online HydroNET Water Control Room that translates terabytes of data into easy to understand online decision-support dashboards.