dws-igrac-ihe-groundwater-pump-770pxInternational Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC) held a tailor-made training on groundwater governance for 30 students in Cotonou, Benin. The students learned how groundwater governance can contribute to sustainable groundwater management under climate change and rising competing demands.

The training was organised together with IHE Delft Institute National de l’Eau (INE). It was funded by the Dutch organisation for internationalisation of education Nuffic.

dws-igrac-ihe-grondwater-course-benin-350pxSerious gaming
On the first day of the training the students familiarized themselves with the issue of groundwater governance by playing a serious game that learned them about issues of groundwater management under different governance scenario’s.

The highly interactive game also introduced the use of regulatory and financial instruments to assist in reaching more sustainable and equitable groundwater use.

Open source GIS software
The training also included the monitoring of groundwater using mainstream Open Source GIS software and translating the data to policy relevant messages on sustainable groundwater use.

The students were introduced to tools used for policy development to sustainable manage groundwater use, and to transfer this knowledge to stakeholders of all levels in the water sector in Benin.

dws-igrac-ihe-grondwater-course-computer-350pxQGIS training
An important aspect of the training was the use of national integrated database of Benin and on-line data and information systems.

In practical hands-on sessions the students learned to use open source GIS software (QGIS) in combination with available online systems like the Système National d'Information sur l'Eau (SNIEAU).

Groundwater governance
After communication and visualisation tools for stakeholder engagement were explained, participants were divided in groups and given a stakeholder mapping assignment in which they had to identify stakeholders, relevant actors, users and institutes.

The training also included some field trips to wellfields (see top photo).

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