dws-iwa-japan-watershare-booth3-770px‘Great discussions among Watershare members. Following suggestions provided by the members beforehand, there will be new activities and reference projects pursued', announced KWR’s new director Dragan Savic from the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

On the occasion of the world congress, the Watershare community welcomed its two new members: AySA from Argentina and DIAM from Oman.

Watershare is a network of knowledge institutes all over the world on the design and management of water supply infrastructures. The network was set up by KWR Watercycle Research Institute in 2012.

dws-iwa-japan-watershare-savic-meeting-350pxjpg KWR-director Dragan Savic (right) attends one of the vivid breakfast sessions of the Watershare community.

Shaping the water future
‘Although I’ve been to a number of IWA World Water Congresses and Exhibitions in the past, this year’s event is my first one as the CEO of KWR’, reports Savic in his blog from Tokyo.

‘This brings a new form of excitement on shaping our water future – an incredible number of meetings and talks’.

One of his meetings was at the Watershare booth with IWA president Diana d’Arras (second left on top photo), IWA executive director professor Kala Vairavamoorthy (left) and host of the congress, professor Hiroaki Furumai (third left) of the University of Tokyo.

New areas of collaboration
During one of the many vivid member meetings, three new areas for future collaboration have been explored: emerging substances, future-proof water infrastructures and resilient urban water systems.

These initiatives build on previous Watershare meetings by the members from Oman, Argentina, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Greece, UK, the Netherlands.

dws-iwa-japan-watershare-al-busaidi-350pxSaid Al-Busaidi of the Oman water authority Diam sharing his experience on water scarcity.

Dealing with many similar topics
Representatives of water supply company AySA from Buenos Aires and the water authority Diam from Oman, shared their experience and told about their best practices.

Said Al-Busaidi of Diam gave an overview of the water supply in Oman. He mentioned that his company is searching – in part through Watershare – for more sustainable solutions, such as the temporary storage of water surpluses in the subsurface.

Al-Busaidi praised the collaboration within Watershare. ‘Especially the networking between different organisations, and the collaboration and knowledge exchange’, he said.

‘We see that many of the same issues are being faced everywhere because we are dealing with water, which is crucial for everyone’,

Read the full blog by KWR-director Dragan Savic on the website of KWR.

(photo source: Twitter)

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