dws-verdygo-strukton-signing-modular-wwtp-simpelveld-770pxStrukton International and Verdygo have signed an agreement on a strategic cooperation for the long-term on the design and construction of low-cost customised purification of sewage water.

The cooperation concerns the modular technology developed by Verdygo that makes it easy to scale up or scale down a waste water treatment plant (wwtp).

The marketing of the modular Verdygo-concept will initially concentrate on the Middle East, Northern Europe and Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba.

dws-verdygo-strukton-signing-ceremony-350px  Bert Hoekstra, Strukton International (left) and Guus Pelzer, Verdygo (right) at the signing ceremony on 22 August

Plug and play modules
The modular Verdygo-concept allows a completely new way of designing and constructing sewage treatment plants. All the technical equipment is designed in the form of container-sized, transportable plug & play modules that can be placed above ground.

As the modules are built without a foundation, it is easy to make swift and inexpensive adjustments when needed, for instance to respond to new recovery technologies, demographic or climate changes.

The first fully operational treatment plant based on the Verdygo concept was commissioned in December last year at wwtp Simpelveld, the Netherlands (on top photo and below).

According to Michel Bouts, member of the Supervisory Board of Verdygo, the two companies can combine each other’s specific knowledge, expertise and experience in projects where Verdygo would work well.

Bouts: ‘Verdygo provides advice applicability and system engineering, as well as training and advice on launching and maintaining installations. We can also manage the system for clients from a central control room.’

‘Strukton provides technical feasibility analyses, engineering, project management, and building and financing constructions’, Bouts adds.

dws-verdygo-strukton-signing-modular-elements-350pxGrowing water demand
The focus on the Middle East reflects the extreme water shortages due to a combination of limited water sources, a water-intensive oil & gas extraction industry, and rapid population growth.

Water extraction from seawater accelerates seawater salinization as a result of the discharge of residuals.

Along with this growing demand for water, both companies expect an increasing focus on sustainability, and on cheaper and flexible construction techniques. The Verdygo concept offers a pragmatic, inexpensive solution for this.

Strukton has been carrying out projects in the Middle East for some time, and recognises and appreciates the added value to the region that the Verdygo concept offers.

‘Our knowledge of, and years of experience in, the Middle East, combined with a Dutch innovation such as Verdygo, creates all sorts of new opportunities in the area of sustainability’, argues Bert Hoekstra, Managing Director at Strukton.

This news item was originally published on the website of Verdygo.

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