The legendary Netherlands Pavilion, a buzzing hub for innovative technology displays and networking, will be back at the Aquatech Amsterdam 2023. Located in hall 7, the Pavilion will feature the best the Dutch water sector has to offer.

Next to the exhibition area, this year the Netherlands Pavilion includes a Holland Innovation Park filled with innovative water technology start-ups and a NL Lounge with an ample programme for knowledge exchange and networking activities. All water professionals present at Aquatech are invited to drop by the Netherlands Pavilion to meet old acquaintances and to make new connections. To be amazed and inspired!

A reminder, entry to Aquatech Amsterdam is free of charge as long as visitors register in advance.

Innovative technology at the Netherlands Pavilion
Innovative technology at the Netherlands Pavilion

The Netherlands Pavilion presents…

Water is essential to life on earth. It connects and sustains us. Covering 70 percent of the globe, it defines our blue planet. Water helps generate our energy, drive our agriculture and industries, and safeguard our health and sanitation systems.

In the Netherlands, Government agencies, businesses, knowledge institutions, and local stakeholders work together to find ways to resolve global water challenges inclusively and in a way that benefits everyone. Short lines between stakeholders in the water sector enable us to foster an innovative culture.

As at previous editions of the Aquatech event, the Netherlands Pavilion showcases the latest in innovative and proven technology solutions from Dutch companies and start-ups that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. The following technology solutions will be on display at the Netherlands Pavilion.

  • Acquaint: Multiple inline inspection
  • Avic: Data delivery with maintenance-free IoT devices
  • Desah: Climate resilient decentralised sustainable wastewater treatment
  • Eliquo Water: Wastewater and sludge solutions for sustainability and climate protection
  • Ferr-Tech: Water and wastewater treatment using Ferrate(VI)
  • Inter Primo Group: MBBR & MBR water filtration profiles for optimal water treatment
  • Hubert Stavoren: Water intake systems – designed, engineered and manufactured in-house
  • HULO: Disruptive AI technology for leak detection
  • Jotem water solutions: Smart water solutions, end-to-end management of water treatment processes
  • Landustrie Sneek: Products used for handling wastewater and surface water, and generating renewable energy (hydropower screws)
  • Netherlands Water Partnership: Network of Dutch water organisations, working worldwide on co-creating future-proof solutions and catalysing global water impact
  • Norit Nederland: Activated carbon products & uses
  • PB International: Hollow fibre ultrafiltration solutions
  • Process Design Center: Supporting the process industry to come up with new and improved production processes
  • Pro Water: Wastewater consultancy
  • Purgatoria: ICABUS: to remove toilet paper from wastewater
  • Quasset: Modern asset integrity management solutions
  • Smartvatten: Monitoring, measuring, analysing water consumption and leak detection in buildings
  • Solisenz: TSS measuring solution for sludge treatment plants
  • Spatial Eye: Geospatial, data ingestion, and business intelligence products
  • Van Remmen UV Technology: UV disinfection systems
  • Water Campus/Water Alliance: The water technology innovation chain

The legendary Netherlands Pavilion can be found at a premium location in Hall 7, booth numbers 07.320, 07.322, 07.328, 07.422, and 07.424. The Netherlands Pavilion at Aquatech Amsterdam 2023 is a cooperation between the Netherlands Water Partnership, Partners For Water, and Water Alliance.

Apart from the participants in the Netherlands Pavilion, several Dutch technology providers will have their own booths at Aquatech Amsterdam. These include NWP members Colubris Cleantech, LG Sonic, Nijhuis Saur Technologies, NX Filtration, Royal Eijkelkamp, and Royal Haskoning DHV. 

More information about the organisations on the exhibition floor and the floor plan are available here.

Holland Innovation Park at Aquatech Amsterdam
Holland Innovation Park at Aquatech Amsterdam

Holland Innovation Park

Fully intertwined within the Netherlands Pavilion, surrounded by the best Dutch water sector expertise, the Holland Innovation Park (HIP) is the spot to discover the latest groundbreaking Dutch innovations in the field of water. The Holland Innovation Park is organised by Water Alliance and showcases the following exhibitors: Purgatoria, Jotem Water Solutions, Ferr-Tech, Process Design Center, Spatial Eye, SOLiSENZ and HULO.

NL Lounge

Besides exploring Dutch innovative technologies, Aquatech visitors have the opportunity to listen to inspiring presentations and networking activities at the NL Lounge.