Paques Europe signed a multi-million contract with Finish energy company Gasum for the supply of Biopaq ICX anaerobic bioreactors and a Thiopaq gas desulphurisation installation.


Gasum is to build a waste water treatment plant at the Nymölla paper mill operated by Stora Enso in Sweden. This plant will be equipped with Biopaq ICX and Thiopaq for the production of biogas. The contract was signed at the end of December 2018 and the start-up of the installation is expected in 2020.


 Typical high ranking ICX-reactor for treatment of industrial waste water. Here, being installed in Brasil recently (photo: Paques)

Liquefied biogas production
Last year Finish energy company Gasum and Finish-Swedish producer Stora Enso signed a contract to build a biogas plant at Stora Enso’s Nymölla paper mill (on top photo) in Sweden. Gasum plans to produce Liquefied Biogas (LBG) and sell it as fuel for cars, buses, trucks, and ferries.

The Nymölla biogas plant project includes biogas production, upgrading and liquefaction. The expected LBG production of the plant is 220 MWh per day.

Well-known office paper
Located in southern Sweden, Stora Enso’s Nymölla Mill has an annual production capacity of 340,000 tonnes pulp and 485,000 tonnes woodfree uncoated (WFU) paper for office and postal use. Stora Enso’s well-known office paper brand Multicopy is produced in Nymölla.

The liquefied biogas production at Stora Enso’s paper mill fits Gasum perfectly as they want to contribute to the circular economy by processing waste and producing biogas and recycled nutrients in Finland and Sweden.


Gasum processes food waste from IKEA into biogas that customers can use to fill up their car. Here, a filling station at the IKEA store in Espoo, Finland (Photo: Gasum ltd)

More biogas at higher load rates
Paques’ ICX anaerobic bioreactor is a new development in the Biopaq product line for the treatment of waste water.

In order to meet today's industrial customer's requirements, ICX-technology allows high volumetric loading rates. The 2-stage biomass retention prevents wash-out of biomass and high liquid velocities and high excellent mixing properties enables handling a wide range of industrial wastewater.

An ICX-reactor has a high biogas production from biomass. The additional treatment of the biogas in the Thiopaq gas desulphurisation installation upgrades the biogas for use in a gas engine or boiler of can be transported in a local micro gas grid.

Another possibility is the upgrading to biomethane, which can be brought into the gas distribution network,  as fuel for vehicles. The elemental sulphur, produced by Thiopaq can be used as a high quality fertiliser.

This news item was originally published on the website of Paques and Gasum.

Top photo: Paques

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