The installation of the Pure Water Group Continuous Electro Deionization (CEDI) units is in progress as part of the Qassim power plant conversion project, near Buraydah, Saudi Arabia.

The installation of the water treatment units is part of a conversion by the Saudi Arabian Electrical Company (SEC) of two power generating sites from simple cycle to combined cycle operation.

Continuous Electro Deionization (CEDI) is a continuous electrochemical process that is applied after reverse osmosis (RO).

A CEDI-system purifies the RO product water to a constant quality (ultra) pure water.

Increasing power demand
Qassim power plant (on top photo) is being expanded to meet the increasing demand of power in this region through a conversion from simple cycle operation to combined cycle operation.

The project will convert 12 oil fired simple cycle combustion turbines to combined cycle operation, increasing generation capacity by approximately 360 MW.

dws-pure-water-qassim-cedi-flex-350pxCorrosion prevention
The ‘ready-to-run’ CEDI units are integral to a 6,168 m³/day reverse osmosis desalination and ultra-purification plant, designed and constructed by Wetico.

The units will ensure maximum removal of ions capable of promoting corrosion in the Qassim plant’s supercritical steam generators.

Specifically, two skids of four VNX55-EP modules will provide the high level of demineralization efficiency required. Less than 3ppb sodium and chloride is demanded for steam generator feed water at the Qassim II and III sites.

Extreme water quality specifications
Designed to meet extremely low sodium, chloride and sulfate specifications, along with greater than 95 percent silica and boron removal, the VNX55-EP module consistently produces a 0,1 µS/cm conductivity (10 Megohm-cm resistivity) measure of product water quality.

In order to further increase boiler corrosion protection, dissolved oxygen is removed downstream of the CEDI modules using Gas transfer membrane deoxygenation (GTMDO) units.

The units reduce O2 content to less than 100ppb.

About Pure Water Group
Pure Water Group is experienced in supplying high purity and ultrapure water applications, featuring CEDI systems. It was involved in shaping the requirements of an Enhanced Performance (EP) module, with a wide tolerance for feed water hardness and quality variation, which resulted in the development of Ionpure VNX55-EP.

Pure Water Group is Master service provider for Ionpure electro deionization technology.

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