Optiqua Technologies and Shandong provincial water & waste water monitoring centre have entered into a collaboration for an integrated water quality monitoring scheme for Shandong, based on Optiqua’s EventLab and MiniLab solutions.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by director Sun Shaohua (left on top photo) at Shandong monitoring centre and managing director Melchior van Wijlen (right) at Optiqua Technologies.

The signing took place at the Singapore International Water Week on 12 July. It was attended by Hans Akerboom (in back right) of the Dutch embassy in singapore and Shao Yipeng (in back left) of the Chinese embassy in Singapore.

Optiqua Eventlabs are operational in the Netherlands, Singapore and USA. Shandong monitoring centre is the first deployment of the technology in China.

dws-siww-2016-optiqua-eventlab-350px  Real time water quality monitor EventLab as displayed on Optiqua's booth at Singapore International Water Week.

Three stage programme
The first phase of the collaboration, starting August 2016, will demonstrate Optiqua’s EventLab technology, a real time water quality monitoring solution, at a drinking water treatment plant in Jinan.

The objective is to monitor the stability of the water quality before it is released into the network.

Full scale real time monitoring network
In the second phase of the project, scheduled for January 2017, Shandong and Optiqua plan to deploy a medium scale network of EventLab sensors at multiple treatment plants as well as in the drinking water distribution grid. 

The final phase of the collaboration will see the deployment of a full-scale sensor network covering all treatment plants and the entire distribution grid.

Fast response to unknown pollutants
Director professor Jia Rui Bao at Shandong monitoring center, said: “Our vision and strategy is to build a multi-level water quality monitoring system for the city, achieving fast responses to the sudden and unknown pollutants, on-site efficient identification, and qualitative and quantitative laboratory analysis of the pollutants.”

According to Jia Rui Bao Optiqua’s technology provides a good match with that vision.

dws-siww-2016-optiqua-wijlen-350pxManaging director Melchior van Wijlen was honored to be able to contribute to the delivery of safe drinking water to the Chinese provinice of Shandong.

Long-term collaboration on monitoring scheme
In his response managing director Melchior van Wijlen at Optiqua Technologies said to be pleased to be able to demonstrate this for the first time in China. He emphasised the long-term collaboration.

“It has a clear long-term vision and well-defined applications for the water supply and water distribution”, Van Wijlen added.

As Optiqua is based in Singapore the development of the real time monitoring scheme is supported by Singapore’s national water agency PUB.

Detection highest priority pollutants in rivers
In addition to the use of Optiqua’s real time EventLab technology, the collaboration also includes the use of the MiniLab lab-on-chip technology which will be tested and researched by Shandong monitoring center in pollution monitoring applications.

The two partners agreed to develop tests for the highest priority pollutants in the Yellow river and Chang Jiang river

dws-siww-2016-optiqua-minilab-350px  Jos-Willem Verhoef of Optiqua demonstrates the off line MiniLab that has been programmed to meassure the concentrations of eight high priority water pollutants within 15 minutes.

About Shandong monitoring centre
The Shandong provincial water & waste water monitoring center is responsible forsupervising and monitoring the quality of water supply and drainage for Jinan and Shandong province, China.

The centre is also responsible for the development of water treatment technology, application of research results and technical training across the province, as well as urban water supply and drainage industry monitoring for Shandong housing and urban-rural development department.

About Optiqua Technologies
Optiqua is a Dutch and Singapore based supplier of lab-on-chip sensor technology for real time online monitoring of drinking water supply and distribution, protection of critical infrastructures, and for the rapid detection of specific substances in water samples.

This news item was originally published on the website of Optiqua (as a pdf-file).

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