In this WaterTalks podcast we focus on social inclusion in international water projects and masterplanning. An inclusive approach is essential in the effective planning of increased water security across the world. This podcast, powered by the Partners for Water Programme, facilitates discussion from three perspectives.


Social inclusion here means involving people, not just decision makers but also those who may normally be excluded from the decision making process, such as the local inhabitants or vulnerable groups. Why is social inclusion important for water infrastructure projects? And how would you include different community/societal groups in a hard infrastructure project? 

In the podcast three different perspectives are given, from the side of the Dutch government organising water projects, from an international consultant working in developing countries, and from an NGO working in the local context.


  • Dennis van Peppen - Team Manager Water Programmes - Netherlands Enterprise Agency
  • Tanya Huizer - Project Manager Water & Environment - Arcadis Nederland B.V.  
  • Aditi Kapoor - Technical Advisor - Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre