dws-volkerwessels-severn-trent-770px-1VolkerStevin has been appointed by UK’s water utility Severn Trent Water to deliver detailed designs and constructions of new water assets as part of the utility’s multi-year framework programme Asset Management Period (AMP) 7. The framework AMP7 is worth 2 billion UK pounds and involves many contractors that now have been announced. Severn Trent Water and the contractors will now start to define the key projects to be carried out between 2020 and 2025.

Continuous improvement
All UK water companies are following the AMP methodology to drive continuous improvement, and reduce their operating expenses (OPEX).

dws-volkerwessels-severn-trent-pumps-350px  For it's water works between 2020 and 2015 Severn Trent Water has announced ihe first contractors to join the AMP7 framework.

Since implementing the AMP methodology, with each period as a multi-year effort the current period is AMP6 (2015-2019), companies have seen clear strides in water quality improvement, and the latest focus is on Operational Expense (OP-X) reduction.

Severn Trent Water is the first UK utility to announce the contractors for the 7th AMP framework. For the new framework the utility has changed the way that it intends to carry out the work.

It says it will bring the design work in-house, including the creation of a new specialist design team, and will work with more construction contractors than previously – thus changing the way it intends to carry out the work between 2020 and 2025.

Outperforming efficiency targets
Rob Coupe, managing director at VolkerStevin, said: ‘We are looking forward to working with Severn Trent Water and bringing both our experience and expertise of working with other water utility companies; as well as across other sectors, where we have achieved industry leading customer experience, and have consistently outperformed against efficiency targets.’

Work is scheduled to begin in 2019, running through to 2024. Thanks to Severn Trent Water’s AMP7 Business Plan receiving fast-track status from water regulators Ofwat, Severn Trent Water are in a great position to begin their AMP7 investment, giving VolkerStevin, an early start on the planning stages.

VolkerWessels has been appointed in two parts of AMP7. In the part of Capital Delivery Design and Build the appointment concerns a joint venture with Atkins. In the other part of Civil engineering build-only, VolkerWessels was on its own.

This news item was originally published on the websites of Atkins and VolkerWessels.

(Top photo: Twitter/Severn Trent)

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