From 2-5 November, the Aquatech Amsterdam trade show is home to the Netherlands Pavilion, representing a wide range of Dutch water sector companies. The Pavilion includes the Holland Innovation Park, your opportunity to see topnotch innovations and talk with their creators. Check out our extended programme during the week.

Holland Innovation Park Pitches

Hall 5, 05.270
Intertwined within the Netherlands Pavilion you will find the Holland Innovation Park (HIP), a unique place to discover the latest water technology innovations. HIP is an real eye-catcher within the Netherlands Pavilion. The eight innovators participating in the HIP will showcase their product during pitch sessions. Get some inspiration and visit HIP on 2,3 and 4 November, from 16:30-17:00.

The eight innovators are: Acquaint with Pipe Scanner and the Acquarius; DeSah with 2 systems for wastewater treatment; EMI Twente with DoReMi (Donnan Dialysis ReMineralization); Ferr-Tech with Ferrate (VI); Hydraloop with the  Hydraloop a revolutionary greywater recycling system; ROLAPAC the Rolapac is an innovative and patented floating layer remover for sewage pumping stations; Van Remmen UV Technology with Advanox- MicrOx; UVOX with UVOX Redox.

Water technology demonstrations and introductions

Hall 5, 05.280
The Netherlands Pavilion at Aquatech Amsterdam showcases Dutch water technology expertise, covering the complete water cycle: from source to use and from pre-use treatment to reuse.

  • Better insights, safer pipelines
    From 2-5 November Acquaint will provide demonstrations of their technologies, twice a day: from 10:30-11:00, and from 15:00-15:30
  • Waste water treatment focused on reuse and valorisation of resources
    Join CirTec on 4 November at 12:00
  • From real-world data to operational excellence
    Get more insights on the activities of Hall24K, 2 November from 15:30-16:00

Future is Water Q&A

Hall 5, 05.280 
Embracing the challenge of connecting the appealing world of water sports with that of the major challenges around sustainability, climate and water in particular, the Netherlands Pavilion welcomes sailor and Olympic gold medalist Marit Bouwmeester. Join her in a Q&A on 4 November at 14:30.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change, the first Future is Water Symposium aims at just that. It utilizes the power of sport to make a sustainable and environmental impact. The Future is Water is a new Dutch initiative and part of the Amsterdam International Water Week. 

Presentations, drinks and delegations

Hall 5, 05.280
And there is more. Hop from country to country during the Country Pavilion drinks on 3 November, 17:00. The Netherlands Pavilion provides good company and the best Dutch appetizers. 

Interested in more international interaction? Be sure to drop by during the Mexico delegation visit on 2 November, 09:00-10:30. Or listen to the Balkan pitch on 4 November, from 11:30-12:00.

This are some of the highlights of the Netherlands Pavilion programme to enrich your visit to Aquatech Amsterdam. We look forward to welcoming you in the Netherlands Pavilion lounge, hall 5, number 05.280.