In 2021, World Water Week focuses on the major transformations that need to take place if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and slash carbon emissions. The Dutch water sector actively co-create transformative, integrated and inclusive solutions for water-related challenges, creating positive opportunities for the planet and future generations.

Be part of an intensive week of learning and collaboration on the theme of Building Resilience Faster at the Stockholm World Water Week. This full-scale digital event will be hosted from 23 to 27 August and registration is still open. In cooperation with the Government of the Netherlands and within the framework of the Partners for Water Programme, the Netherlands Water Partnership will host an interactive Netherlands Pavilion.

Dutch contributions to World Water Week 2021

Different Dutch organisations - NGOs, Government, Knowledge Institutes and Companies - are contributing to the extensive World Water Week 2021 programme. Water solutions to accelerate action on climate adaptation and SDG6 are high on the agenda of course. But in light of the current corona crisis, the focus is also on how to fast-track progress and build resilience faster. Water can play a pivotal role in a more sustainable and resilient future, the Dutch water sector is fully committed to achieving that.

Get more insight in all Dutch contributions at World Water Week 2021, download the overview per day, or download the full overview.

Visit the interactive Netherlands Pavilion
In cooperation with the Government of the Netherlands and within the framework of the Partners for Water programme, the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) will host the interactive Netherlands Pavilion at Stockholm World Water Week. Connect with Dutch participants Hydraloop, Blue Deal, Deltares, Waste, IRC, KIFFWA, WASH SDG Programme and YEP Programmes. Visit us at:  

Powered by Government of the Netherlands

The Government of the Netherlands (GoN) is proudly serving as an official partner to World Water Week. GoN is placing a priority on tackling the water crisis - now during the pandemic and beyond. 'The climate crisis cannot be solved without water solutions – you can’t have one without the other. As the world is preparing for economic recovery, we must focus on building resilience faster. By prioritising water in our actions, we can tackle multiple challenges and strengthen future health and economic sustainability for all.'

The Government of the Netherlands is convening and co-convening several sessions around a range of topics including valuing water, societal transformation in deltas, preparations for the UN-Water conference in 2023, long-term partner engagement and more.