Urban areas and large cities are facing challenges brought on by population pressure, infrastructure congestion, rising sea level and weather changes. Flood risk, water contamination and water shortages are already major threats in many places.

These challenges are accelerated by climate change and more than ever it is necessary to join forces to increase knowledge and develop new insights on how to help people, businesses and governments to adapt.

Living on the frontline between land and water, the Dutch have always had to adapt to changes in climate and water. We believe in exchanging knowledge, forging international partnerships, innovation, and an integrated approach. 

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25 Jan Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS Online)
25 January 2021
the Netherlands

To help trigger the systemic change required for a climate resilient world, the Netherlands will host the first ever global summit of world leaders

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Today’s water challenges call for cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and expertise. The Dutch water sector invites you to team up to find the best solutions for our changing world.

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