dws-vei-soc-trang-water-supply-waco-770pxApril 24, 2015 marked the grand opening of the new water supply plant at An Nghiep that will daily serve the city of Soc Trang in the Mekong Delta with 10,000m3 clean water.

The new plant is operated by Soc Trang’s public water utility and is equipped with a modular designed Perfector R treatment system.

dws-vei-soc-trang-water-supply-ribbon-350px  Marco Schouten (second right) CEO of VEI cuts the ribbon to officially inaugurate the plant.

Dutch-Vietnamese public-private partnership
The plant has been built as part of the public-private partnership Climate Change and Water Supply in the Mekong Delta, that aims to improve drinking water supply by increasing availability and reducing climate change effects on three local water companies, Saigon Water Corporation, Soc Trang Water Supply Company, and Tra Vinh Water Supply and Drainage Company.

The public-private partnership is co-financed by the Dutch sustainable water fund and lead by Vitens Evides International.

Reduction of groundwater extraction
Water utilities in Vietnam, particularly in the Mekong Delta, must take pro-active action to safeguard the sustainability of future public water supply services, as climate change is affecting water production.

Extracting groundwater for domestic, agricultural and industrial use will exacerbate natural land subsidence.

To ensure the sustainability of future water supply in the region and especially in the southwest, the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction plans to build two inter-regional water supply plants using surface water sources from the Hau River.

dws-vei-soc-trang-water-supply-perfector-350pxDutch Perfector R technology
Perfector-R is a water treatment technology developed for the production of drinking water for communities of 50,000 to 250,000 people, and has overall net production capacities of 5.000m3/day to 20.000m3/day.

Due to the modular design of the Perfector-R the client has the option of either building an entirely new treatment plant in greenfield conditions or adding capacity to an existing treatment plan.

The modular design includes raw water intake on floating pontoons, process units, chemical preparation and dosing systems, clear water reservoirs, a distribution pumping system, electrical infrastructure and various other facilities such as an emergency generator, a laboratory, offices.

The ready to build design of the Perfector-R is the result of a collaboration between Dutch company PWN and Vietnamese water treatment company Howaco.

The first Perfector-R in Vietnam was built by Howaco in Cao Lanh in 2009 and is operated by Dong Tap Water Company (Dowaco).

This news item is based on a original releases published on the website of Vitens Evides International and Soc Trang Water supply company.

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Video of the first Perfector R installation in Vietnam.