Climate Change and Water Supply in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Securing future water services in view of climate change, while at the same time enhancing operational efficiency

Posted on 10 September 2014


This public private partnership (PPP) will improve drinking water supply by increasing availability and reducing climate change effects on three water companies in or adjacent to the Mekong Delta: Saigon Water Corporation (SAWACO), Soc Trang Water Supply Company, and Tra Vinh Water Supply and Drainage Company.

Climate change adaptation plans for the water companies will be drafted in close cooperation with the project partners.  Furthermore, the PPP will reduce the water and energy footprint of these public water utilities.

Over the course of four years, the partners will cooperate to improve the level of operations of water utilities and reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW).  In Soc Trang, a new surface water treatment plant will be built. The activities of the project are supposed to lead to increased availability and improved quality of piped water in urban areas.  The project will give extra effort to extend the water supply services to more low-income households.

Project partners are:

  • Vitens Evides International (VEI)
  • Saigon Water Corporation (SAWACO)
  • Soc Trang Water Supply Company
  • Tra Vinh Water Supply and Drainage Company
  • People’s Committee of Soc Trang
  • People’s Committee of Tra Vinh
  • UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
  • Can Tho University – Dragon Institute, Mekong – Research Institute for Climate Change


This project was made possible by the Sustainable Water Fund (SWF; ‘Fonds Duurzaam Water’ – FDW) of the Netherlands.

More information on the project and the company.  


  1. Achieving climate change preparedness of public water utilities
  2. Achieving water supply financial and environmental sustainability through improving operational efficiency (i.e. non-revenue water and energy consumption reduction)
  3. Moving away from groundwater use towards surface water (i.e. construction of a 10,000 m3/day surface water treatment plant at Soc Trang)
  4. Providing access to water for low-income households and minorities (i.e. network extensions in Ho Chi Minh City, Soc Trang and Tra Vinh)
  5. Reduction of water consumption of industries (in the Mekong Delta provinces of Soc Trang and Tra Vinh)


  1. Climate change adaptation plans for participating public water utilities & national dissemination of produced knowledge through workshops
  2. Academic Climate Change course curriculum developed & 10 student theses on this subject
  3. NRW reduction totaling 22,000 m3/day
  4. Reduction in 3 utilities’ water losses, chemical usage and electricity consumption
  5. 232 water utility staff trained in operation and maintenance, NRW reduction, and distribution network design
  6. Completed surface water treatment plant with capacity of 10,000 m3/day including trained operator staff
  7. 14 km of distribution pipelines completed
  8. 19,800 new connections to piped supply, serving about 130,000 people, of which at least 20% urban poor
  9. Water consumption reduction plans drafted with 5 participating industries in Mekong Delta


Current status
Initial go/no-go phase has been concluded. Approval of the donor FDW to continue with the remainder of the project has been received.  Project implementation is ongoing.

Project plan
4 years, April 2013 – March 2017

Technologies used

Perfector-R Water Treatment Plant (PWN Technologies)

Project location

Project partners

  • IHE Delft | Institute for Water Education
  • VEI B.V.