In the past few years the state of Tabasco and the city of Acapulco suffered severe floods caused by tropical cyclones. In December 2013 torrential rains caused widespread flooding across Tabasco. The most severe one was in November 2007 when 70% of the state was under water. Over 1 million people were affected by flooding of the rivers Grijalva and the Carrizal.

In 2014 Mexico and the Netherlands signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of flood risk management. The collaboration will focus on the state of Tabasco and the city of Acapulco. One of the issues of the MoU is the deployment of the Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR-Team). The international DRR-team facillity means Dutch experts are on standby to be deployed to an area where urgent water expertise is required immediately after a formal request is received.The focus is not on emergency aid, but on reconstruction and prevention. The focus of the work of the DRR-team in Mexico is to make preparations of integrated river basin management plans in the area.