Posted on 25 October 2018

Hvide Sande, Denmark

In half of the 11 km test area Ecobeach drainage tubes are installed (a  4.7 km section and a small 0.9 km section). According to statistical analyses no significant effect on the beach volume was measured,...

Posted on 25 October 2018

Maarup, Denemarken

A historic church at Maarup, Denmark was endangered by the erosion of the nearby coast. The coastal erosion came to a stop and the beach widened due to the installation of Ecobeach drainage system. The Ecobeach drainage...


Posted on 25 October 2018

Ecobeach Egmond aan Zee

Contractor BAM started a pilot for Ecobeach at the beaches near Egmond aan Zee, north-west of Amsterdam in 2006 in cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). This was the...


Posted on 23 October 2018

Soil Conservation Service, New South Wales Australia

Flood barriers are increasingly used as cofferdams, mostly driven by flexibility, lower costs and environmental protection, such as silt control and plant disturbance.   On the south coast of NSW the BoxBarrier...


Posted on 23 October 2018

Municipality of Zwijndrecht

The Municipality of Zwijndrecht in the Netherlands has applied 90 BoxBarriers to protect the buildings located in the area outside the regelar dikes along the river the Old Maas from flooding due to high waterlevels....


Posted on 23 October 2018

Xbloc key to success in Calais

The Calais Project is the third Xbloc project which will be carried out together with Bouygues, after successful projects in Reunion Island and in Dunkerque. With Xblocs of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 m3, the project comprises...


Posted on 23 October 2018

Xblocs Istanbul Airport

In Istanbul, a new airport is being constructed, which will be the largest airport in the world. The airport is constructed by a consortium called IGA, which is formed by Cengiz, MAPA, Limak, Kolin and Kalyon. On the...


Posted on 23 October 2018

Reinforcement Afsluitdijk

On the Wadden Sea side, the causeway will be raised and reinforced with new facing. For this work, the consortium will use ‘Levvel blocks’, innovative concrete elements that have been developed specially for...


Posted on 8 December 2017

Nereda Wastewater Treatment Technology in Cork, Ireland

The Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project aims to provide enhanced wastewater treatment through the development of a new wastewater treatment plant at Shanbally County Cork. The Project is important in terms of...


Posted on 8 December 2017

Maximizing the value of digestate - AECO-NAR

Several technologies claim effective removal of ammonia from digestate. However, all of these technologies consume a lot of energy and only oxidize the ammonia, without creating a valuable product. By removing ammonia,...

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