Metropole Watch

Real-time water quality monitoring system ‘Metropole Watch’ Bangkok

Posted on 25 October 2011

Metropole Watch

Aggravated water scarcity due to limited water resources and increased consumption is becoming a major challenge in many countries around the world. The rapid growth of urban population and improved standards of living along with increased demand for water for irrigation and industry are outpacing the ability to expand water infrastructure.


The Chao Phraya River and network of canals or “Khlongs” provide Bangkok the capital of Thailand with an invaluable asset with numerous uses. To improve the water quality of the river and tributaries, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) approached Fugro to develop a water quality early warning system to monitor the current pollution situation. In the period 2002 - 2005 the Fugro OCEANOR-OTC Consortium (Fugro, DHI and COWI) developed the Metropole Watch monitoring system, consisting of twelve automatic real-time monitoring stations based along the borders of the Chao Phraya River and main Khlongs in the city of Bangkok. The real-time water quality data is send to and collected at the central data base of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration where it is analysed and used for operational water management. The water quality information is also made available to the public through the web. The project is set-up in different phases. In the third phase the system will be extended (parameters and stations) and the collected information will be an important source for the operation of aeration & oxygenation systems.


  • The system provides BMA real-time water quality information
  • Provides information for decision making processes

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  • Fugro Water Services