Training ARA-Sul and DNA flood risk management Mozambique

Posted on 17 February 2014


Mozambique is struck by floods on an annual basis. In January 2013 a large flood hit the Limpopo River basin resulting in enormous flood damage. In order to be better prepared for the flood season of 2014 HKV consultants, Wetterskip Fryslan and Salomon Lda organised a two week training session, during which the current flood management organisation, tools and methods were assessed, improved and trained. The regional water board ARA-Sul and the National Water Agency (DNA) participated in the training.

The main objective of the training was to update and improve the current flood early warning tools and train the people in operating it. Secondary objectives were to improve the short and long term flood management capacity of ARA-Sul and DNA employees by educating and training in the following topics:

•    Theory hydrology, hydraulics and flood management.
•    Assess and discuss operational flood procedures.
•    Education and training in flood management tools like:

  1. Hydrological models (Geo SFM)
  2. Hydraulic models (Mike 11)
  3. Q-GIS (geo-information)
  4. Water Information Systems
  5. Meteorological and hydrological Open Source data in general

According to the trainees these objectives were met.


The following activities were carried out:

  • Relevant data, models and study results were collected.
  • The existing hydraulic models of Limpopo and Incomatie Rivers were re-calibrated
  • A hydrological model of the Limpopo basin was set-up and optimized.
  • The hydrological monitoring system was assessed, especially the rating curves.
  • The training was organized, prepared and carried out.
  • An evaluation report was drafted.


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