Frisian Urban Sanitation Program

Agua Limpa, clean water for Mozambique

Posted on 25 March 2014


The Frisian project has since 2010 been working successfully for the improvement of the sanitation in eight cities in Mozambique (2010: Xai-Xai, Chokwe, Inhambane, Maxixe, 2012: Chimoio, Gondola and Manica, 2014 Beira). Thanks to this project, toilets have now been installed at all of the 140 primary schools in these four cities and 200,000 children are now able to wash their hands after they have been to the toilet. The project is now being extended to the development of toilets at domestic level.



Passing on knowledge

An important part of the project is the passing on of knowledge and experience. In Friesland, authorities have a lot of expertise in the field of drainage and refuse disposal and with working together with the local population. All these elements are also necessary in Mozambique in order to bring the sanitation up to standard. Friesland is working together with the eight city authorities in Mozambique and is also helping to develop an efficient local authority organisation. These city authorities can then work in the future to achieve a sustainable improvement in health. In the last two years a department for sanitation has been established in all eight of these local authorities.

Project location

Project partners

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