Kapuk Naga Indah land development project

Polder islands off the coast of Jakarta

Posted on 30 April 2014


Jakarta capital city government plans to conduct reclamation on a numer of areas in the northern coast, which will be developed into residential and commercial centers. Two areas are a 700-hectare land in Ancol and another 1,000-hectare land in Kapuk Naga Indah, which is the border between Teluk Naga of Jakarta and Tangerang. The land development project of Kapuk Naga Indah consists out of the construction of three artificial islands with a total surface of approximately 800 ha.

The islands will be constructed as so called polders on top of the extreme soft subsoil of this bay. Polders are low lying areas surrounded by dykes with a drainage system consisting of surface and subsurface drains, retention basins and a pumping system. The project consists of 50,000,000 m3 sand reclamation. The dikes are protected with several layers of rocks to ensure a lifetime of at least 50 years. The land level in these polders will be around mean sea level, whereas the dikes are being constructed to a level of between 3 and 6 metre above mean sea level. 

Witteveen+Bos has been involved in the land development programme for North Jakarta for almost 25 years. The services consisted out of (modelling) studies to determine hydraulic and morphological impact, sand logistics and tsunami impact. Van Oord has been awarded the sand supply contract for the land reclamation. The project involves the dredging of 20 million cubic metres of sand from a borrow area at sea and delivering it for the formation of a polder island. Van Oord also maintains the access channel to the port of Bengkulu on the island of Sumatra.


The Kapuk Naga Indah land development project is part of a larger land development program stretching along the coast of Jakarta in westerly direction, north of Banten

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