Integrated Water Resources Action Plan program Lake Naivasha Kenia

Assessment of Water Governance Capacity for a sub-regional water management office in Naivasha, Kenya

Posted on 5 June 2014


The Water Governance Centre (WGC) and the Dutch Water Authorities are involved in an Integrated Water Resources Action Plan program (IWRAP), Lake Naivasha, Kenya. The WGC and the Dutch Water Authorities  support the development of the sub-regional office in Naivasha of the Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) and their cooperation with Water Resources User Associations (WRUAs). Within the project Dutch and Kenyan water partners work together to establish a framework for good water governance and effective implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Lake Naivasha basin.

Project Plan

Step 1: Exploring current situation

  • Defining scope (geographic, issues , targets, policies)
  • Defining current activities 

Step 2: Analysis/preliminary assessment/score

  • Defining bottlenecks and challengesphoto-kenya005
  • Assessment scorecard

 Step 3: Developing joint working agenda

  • Assess future needs from challenges
  • Define possible actions

 You can read more about the project plan in our assessment report. Click here


Lessons learned
The Water Governance Assessment Method developed by the scientific board of the Water Governance Centre proves to be an indispensable tool  that effectively pinpoints the water governance gaps present in the Lake Naivasha basin. 

Technologies used
WGC utilizes their own assessment method, click here


photo-kenya008Within the IWRAP program the Dutch Water Authorities and the Water Governance Centre work together with WRMA Naivasha sub-regional office to increase capacity and improve water governance in water management institutions (WRMA and WRUA's) in Lake Naivasha Basin 





The regional water authorities and the Water Governance Centre focus on the following:

  • Articulation of input/output of technical water management modeling & scenarios with WRMA policy development and public communication;
  • Institutional reinforcement and improved stakeholder interaction;
  • Improved financial management of water user fees;
  • Improved water use regulation. 

Active. From 2013 to 2016

Project location

Project partners

  • Dutch Water Authorities | Unie van Waterschappen
  • Water Governance Centre Netherlands