Mobile Services for Flood Early Warning in Bangladesh

Deltares, HKVconsultants and Cordaid along with their local partners demonstrate the use of mobile services for developing the flood early warning system Siragjanj, Bangladesh.

Posted on 25 July 2014


In the framework of the Global Water program NL Agency has granted the consortium Deltares/HKVconsultants a contract for the implementation of a project to demonstrate the use of mobile services to develop the flood warning system in Bangladesh in cooperation with the Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC). 

Cordaid came onboard with support for the project to ensure the strong connection to the local communities. Through Cordaid the project engaged with Practical Action Bangladesh, Concern Universal Bangladesh and a local NGO, MMS (Manab Mukti Sangstha) in Siragjang.

Regional Integrated Multi Hazard Early Warning Systems (RIMES) were selected as the key technical partner of the project. They are bridging the gap between the national level information at the FFWC and the local level use of this information for an action orientated response.

Furthermore, the project is being supported by the Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief. 

The pilot area for the project is in Siragjang. Two unions Rajapur Chowhali, Ghorjen Union and Belkuchi, Rajapur Union were selected due to their high vulnerability to floods. 



Test the potential improvements to the dissemination and communication of flood early warning information using mobile services. Such improvements in communication to the key actors in the field would ultimately lead to more resilient and prepared residents at community level. 


  • Develop recommendations of how mobile services can be used as an effective tool for warning dissemination.
  • Demonstrate a pilot application disseminating early warning messages in Siragjanj (2 Unions).
  • Recommendations on sustainable business model development around flood early warning. 

Long term relationship between Dutch partners and the Bangaldeshi partners (Government and NGO). 

Technologies used

Voice SMS will be used in connection with the Union Information Service Centers at the local level to disseminate early warning messages. SMS will be used to (automatically) collect water level gauge information using a HKV-Dashboard. The Dashboard also converts flood forecasts of the FFWC in the main river system to flood forecast in tributaries.

Project location

Project partners

  • Deltares
  • HKV Consultants
  • Stichting Cordaid