Masterplan Beira 2035

The Masterplan Beira 2035 includes a long-term climate adaptation plan for coastal city Beira, Mozambique

Posted on 6 August 2014


Research Institute Deltares and engineering firm Witteveen & Bos, together with sub-contractors Wissing Stedenbouw en Ruimtelijke Vormgeving bv, Van den Broek Consulting and Niras, Mozambique Lda, have developed the Master Plan 2035 for Beira. Beira, with a population of more than 500.000, is the second largest city in the country and is located in the estuary of the Pungue river. 

The city is facing numerous challenges. According to recent studies, Beira is seriously threatened by climate change. The city is just a few metres above average sea level and a clear adaptation strategy is required to provide enduring protection against water related problems such as floods, coastal erosion and salt water intrusion. 

Beira needs to make sure that it has adequate and safe water supplies (drinking water, water for agricultural purposes) in the future. In addition, changes are needed to the drainage and sewage systems to prevent the flooding of the city. 

The increased demand for water will affect the Pungue river and the delta.

Spatial developments also need to be addressed. The expansion of the coal transport and export activities of the port of Beira is required to utilize the great economic potential. This will have a major impact on the infrastructure. New residential and industrial areas are needed to provide homes and work for the growing population.

The currently poor living conditions of a large part of its inhabitants, mainly due to poor basic infrastructure and service coverage, need to be improved. 

The Master Plan 2035 sets out an integrated vision for the city, describing how it can respond to all the challenges in the decades to come. To ensure that the plans are actually implemented, financiers are involved in the follow-up in early stages. The Dutch and Mozambican partners will submit the proposals to international financiers such as the World Bank and the AFDB, but also to the municipal authority of Beira, the port and railway company and large mining companies and other private investors.

The 2035 Master Plan project is part of the Water Mondial (Global Water) programme.

For more information see the website of Deltares.

Current status
The Masterplan has been finalised. Various follow-up projects are being implemented and new proposals are in preparation. Business cases are being prepared. A financial conference will be organised around March 2015 to present the plans and business cases to financial institutions, investors and PPP’s on the opportunities of the Masterplan Beira 2035



Integrated vision for the development of Beira in order to make a significant contribution to a safe, prosperous and beautiful Beira.


Master Plan Beira 2035 and an implementation strategy for the plan describing the necessary conditions for successful implementation (finance, governance, business cases etc.).

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