Study on the Irrigation Sector Strategy in Yemen

Posted on 3 September 2014


Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in Yemen asked MetaMeta together with a local firm PanYemen Consult 

  • To review all past (WB-financed) irrigation related projects,
  • To review the current status and institutional framework of the irrigation sector (incl. staffing of ministry and sub-branches);
  • To assess the roles and responsibilities of other sector organisations (financiers and implementers);
  • To write an irrigation sector strategy;
  • To consolidate plans for (financially) sustainable Water Users Associatons and Irrigation Council through appropriate strategy, decentralisation and cost recovery;
  • Come with suggestions for collaboration between Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the National Water Resources Authorities, steering committee for National Irrigation Plan, role of the IAS and the conditionality and decentralised structure of the irrigation sector.


This project aims to develop an irrigation sector strategy, decentralised coordination (with water users associations being topical) and develop suggestions for restructuring of irrigation sector organisations to come to a sustainable sector lookout in the medium and long run.

Project location

Project partners

  • MetaMeta Communications