Feasibility study for a Cogeneration Biogas Plant & Waste Water Treatment (2,5 MWe)

At Protan factory in Codlea, Brasov, Romania

Posted on 4 March 2015


The Client, Waste 2 Energy management Ltd., intends to develop a complex project for energetic utilisation of industrial wastes resulted from processes of neutralisation of animal bodies and different wastes resulted from the slaughterhouses that are available at PROTAN in Codlea.  


Delivery of the feasibility study and basic design for the realisation of:

  • A plant for production and utilisation of biogas
  • A plant for water and sludge treatment of biogas production (a 200cm/day waste water flow will be added to the calculated size of the treatment plant) 


Feasibility study and basic design of two technical solutions, one based on mesophilic digestion and the second one on thermophilic digestion.

Project location