The African Flood Risk Centre

Reliable, real-time early warning for the whole continent

Posted on 2 June 2016


The increasing number of people and the growing economy in Africa requires an improved flood risk management strategy. Using Remote Sensing based open data it is possible to make huge steps forward without too much investment in expensive infrastructure.

Effective flood early warning systems are important components in managing disaster risks. However, in most countries these systems are missing, mainly due to an inadequate information infrastructure. 

The African Flood Risk Centre (AFRC) can deliver reliable, real-time early warning systems for the whole African continent. Satellite based rainfall measurement data is combined with other flood-related data and processed through hydrological models. When a pre-defined risk threshold is reached, a warning is sent out via web-based dashboards and mobile phones. The warning messages meet the user requirements and are accurate enough to warn for urban flooding so preventive measures can be taken.


The result is a website with early warning, tailor made implementations for several stakeholders.


AFRC is an open system. More tailor made and accurate implementations are available in Malawi and Ghana. There the system is being used for operational disaster management.

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