nwmw - fosfaatkringloop korrels

Posted on 4 October 2011

Dutch take lead in phosphorus sustainability

Within two years as much residual phosphate as possible must be brought back in the cycle and exported. That is the essence of the agreement that Dutch Secretary Joop Atsma of Environment, signed with 19 companies and...

dws - landustrie hydro power screws

Posted on 23 September 2011

British queen 'goes green' with Dutch Landy hydro power screw

The 40-tonne Archimedes’ screws were put in place early September by crane at Romney Weir on the River Thames, just a few miles from Queen Elizabeth's favourite royal residence Windsor Castle. Water sets screw in...


Dutch Water Sector


3 days ago

The #Beira Municipal Recovery and Resilience Plan to rebuild the city has been released. The plan has been compiled…

Dutch Water Sector


3 days ago

Explained: #Netherlands’ ‘Room for the River’ project that #Kerala CM wants to replicate @IndianExpress

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